Militärökonomische Forschung und Lehre
Research and Courses in Economics of Defense

PD Dr. Peter T. Baltes
To my wife, my (academic & military) teachers, my family and my friends
Online: * August 2012
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Still, the economics of defense is widely unknown to the public. Furthermore, there seems to be some misunderstandings about the functions / purpose this approach serves in regard to military decisions / actions. This assessment has motivated the creation of this site. In particular, the latter seeks to fulfill five principal tasks:

  1. It offers a (very short) introduction to the economics of defense focusing on the relationship between this discipline and general economics.
  2. The site also seeks to highlight the value of military economics by illustrating the main functions of this discipline for military decisions / actions. In addition, an overview of the corresponding research topics is provided.  
  3. It is hoped that this also increases the acceptance for this discipline in the general public.
  4. It presents some of the research results obtained during my time as a lecturer at the Swiss Military Academy (2008-2012).
  5. Finally, it offers an outlook to the textbook in “Economics in Defense” that will hopefully be published in 2014.


Economics and Military Economics I
First Version: August 2012
This Version: November 2013